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Science & Technology 14 ชื่อ      
Big data--Statistical methods Big Data Analytics Rao, C. R.-Raghavan, Vijay-Govindaraju, Venugopal 2015 Elsevier 9780444634979 Click Here
Big data;  Data mining--Statistical methods Computational and Statistical Methods for Analysing Big Data with Applications Liu, Shen-Mcgree, James-Ge, Zongyuan-Xie, Yang 2016 Elsevier 9780081006511 Click Here
Cloud computing;  Data mining;  Quantitative research Data Analysis in the Cloud Talia, Domenico-Marozzo, Fabrizio-Trunfio, Paolo 2016 Elsevier 9780128029145 Click Here
Airports--Planning;  Regional planning Development of Regional Airports Postorino, M. N. 2010 WIT Press 9781845643850 Click Here
Ecosystem services Ecosystem Services Bohan, David A.-Woodward, Guy 2016 Elsevier 9780128093047 Click Here
Data libraries--Energy consumption Energy Efficiency in Data Centers and Clouds Sarbazi-Azad, Hamid-Hurson, Ali 2016 Elsevier 9780128051733 Click Here
Computer networks--Security measures;  Internet--Security measures Managing Online Risk Gonzalez, Deborah. 2015 Elsevier 9780124200609 Click Here
Computer networks;  Simulation methods  Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks and Systems  Nicopolitidis, Petros-Zarai, Faouzi-Obaidat, Mohammad S.  2015  Elsevier  9780128011584 Click Here
Electric power systems--Control--Simulation methods;  Electric power systems Modern Aspects of Power System Frequency Stability and Control Dixon, Andrew 2019 Academic Press 9780128163078 Click Here
Gene therapy;  Genetic vectors Non-viral Vectors for Gene Therapy Wagner, Ernst-Liu, Dexi-Huang, Leaf 2015 Elsevier 9780128024706 Click Here
Electric power systems--Control Power System Monitoring and Control Hoboken, New Jersey 2014 Wiley-IEEE Press 9781118852644 Click Here
 Energy storage;  Solar energy  Solar Energy Storage  Sorensen, Bent  2015  Elsevier  9780124095496 Click Here
Mass spectrometry--Encyclopedias;  Scientists--Encyclopedias The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry Gale, P. Jane-Yergey, Alfred L.-Nier, Keith A. 2015 Elsevier 9780080913254 Click Here
 Internet--Technological innovations  The Business Blockchain : Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology  William Mougayar  2016  Wiley  9781119300328, 9781119300311  Click Here
Health Science 25 ชื่อ      
Guided tissue regeneration;  Nanomedicine; Nanotechnology;  Tissue engineering 3D Bioprinting and Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Zhang, Lijie Grace-Leong, Kam-Fisher, John P. 2015 Elsevier 9780128006641 Click Here
Amebiasis--Pathophysiology;  Acanthamoeba;  Acanthamoeba--Metabolism Acanthamoeba Khan, Naveed Ahmed 2014 Caister Academic Press 9781908230515 Click Here
Immunology Advances in Immunology Alt, Frederick W. 2016 Elsevier 9780128052150 Click Here
Dermatotoxicology Applied Dermatotoxicology Maibach, Howard I.-Honari, Golara 2014 Elsevier 9780124201996 Click Here
Human mechanics;  Kinesiology Biomechanics and Motor Control Latash, Mark L.-Zatsiorsky, Vladimir M. 2016 Elsevier 9780128005194 Click Here
Bones--Cancer;  Bones--Cancer--Treatment Bone Cancer Heymann, Dominique. 2014 Elsevier 9780124167285 Click Here
Cancer--Diagnosis;  Cancer--Treatment;  Personalized medicine Cancer Theranostics Wong, Stephen-Chen, Xiaoyuan 2014 Elsevier 9780124078840 Click Here
Cardiovascular system--Diseases Cardiovascular Pathology Butany, Jagdish-Buja, L. Maximilian 2015 Elsevier 9780128004593 Click Here
Cell adhesion Cellular Adhesion in Development and Disease Yap, Alpha S. 2015 Elsevier 9780124078895 Click Here
Diabetes;  Nervous system Diabetes and the Nervous System Malik, Rayaz A.-Zochodne, Douglas W. 2014 Elsevier 9780444635419 Click Here
Drug abuse;  Drugs of abuse--Physiological effect Drugs, Addiction, and the Brain Koob, George F.-Arends, Michael A.-Le Moal, Michel 2014 Elsevier 9780123869593 Click Here
Medical geography;  Spatial analysis (Statistics) Epidemiology and Geography Souris, Marc 2019 Wiley-ISTE 9781119597445 Click Here
Heart failure;  Inflammation Inflammation in Heart Failure Altara, Raffaele-Blankesteijn, Matthijs 2015 Elsevier 9780128004852 Click Here
Drugs--Side effects--Encyclopedias Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs Meyler, L.-Aronson, J. K. 2015 Elsevier 9780444537164 Click Here
Nervous system--Wounds and injuries;  Pain Nerves and Nerve Injuries : Vol 2: Pain, Treatment, Injury, Disease and Future Directions Loukas, Marios-Barbaro, Nicholas M.-Spinner, Robert J.-Tubbs, R. Shane-Rizk, Elias-Shoja, Mohammadali M. 2015 Elsevier 9780128026953 Click Here
Neuromuscular diseases in children Neuromuscular Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence Ryan, Monique M.-De Vivo, Darryl C.-Darras, Basil T.-Jones, H. Royden 2014 Elsevier 9780124171275 Click Here
Obstetrics--Surgery Operative Obstetrics, 4E  Apuzzio, Joseph J.,Vintzileos, Anthony M.,Berghella, Vincenzo, Alvarez-Perez, Jesus R.  2016  CRC Press  9781498720571 Click Here
Patellofemoral joint--Wounds and injuries;  Patellofemoral joint--Diseases, Pain;  Patella--Wounds and injuries Patellofemoral Pain James Selfe, Jessie Janssen, Michael Callaghan 2017 Nova Science Publishers, Inc 9781536117981 Click Here
Tumors Principles of Tumors Bignold, Leon P. 2015 Elsevier 9780128017531 Click Here
Aging--Psychological aspects;  Older people--Psychology Psychology and Geriatrics Bensadon, Benjamin A. 2015 Elsevier 9780124201811 Click Here
Learning, Psychology;  Motivation (Psychology) Psychology of Learning and Motivation Ross, Brian H. 2016 Elsevier 9780128051184 Click Here
Stem cells Stem Cells in Development and Disease Rendl, Michael. 2014 Elsevier 9780123914354 Click Here
Tendons;  Tendons--Wounds and injuries--Healing Tendon Regeneration Rodrigues, Márcia-Reis, Rui L.-Gomes, Manuela E. 2015 Elsevier 9780128016008 Click Here
Kidneys--Diseases--Diagnosis The Kidney Rouiller, Charles.-Muller, Alex F. 2014 Elsevier 9781483271743 Click Here
Inflammation The Origin of Chronic Inflammatory Systemic Diseases and Their Sequelae Straub, Rainer H. 2015 Elsevier 9780128033227 Click Here
Humanities & Social Sciences 34 ชื่อ      
Special education--Study and teaching--United States;  Children with disabilities--Education--United States;  Special education teachers--United States A Teacher's Guide to Special Education David Bateman, Jenifer L. Cline 2016 ASCD 9781416622031 Click Here
Economic assistance--Developing countries Assessing the Impact of Foreign Aid Kelly, Max-Jakupec, Viktor 2016 Elsevier 9780128036716 Click Here
Library administration Becoming a Lean Library Nelson, Jeremy. 2015 Elsevier 9781780634609 Click Here
Teaching, Instruction librarians--Effect of technological innovations on;  Libraries and education--Case studies;  Information services--User education;  Library orientation;  Instruction librarians--Training of;  Information literacy--Study and teaching Changing the Scope of Library Instruction in the Digital Age Swati Bhattacharyya, K. Rama Patnaik 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522528036 Click Here
Systems engineering;  Self-organizing systems Developments and Trends in Intelligent Technologies and Smart Systems Vijayan Sugumaran 2018 Information Science Reference 9781522536871 Click Here
Archival materials--Conservation and restoration;  Digital preservation Digital Curation in the Digital Humanities  Sabharwal, Arjun  2015  Elsevier  9780081001783 Click Here
Internet--Social aspects;  Online identities;  User-generated content--Social aspects Digital Identities Cover, Rob 2015 Elsevier 9780128004272 Click Here
Democracy, Digital media--Political aspects;  Political participation Digital Media Integration for Participatory Democracy Rocci Luppicini, Rachel Baarda 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522524649 Click Here
Libraries and the Internet;  Libraries--Special collections--Electronic information resources;  Libraries--Information technology;  Library information networks;  Library outreach programs;  Libraries--Developing countries;  Information literacy;  Library cooperation Digitizing the Modern Library and the Transition From Print to Electronic Raj Kumar Bhardwaj 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522521204 Click Here
Libraries--Safety measures;  Libraries--Security measures Disaster Planning for Libraries Robertson, Guy 2015 Elsevier 9781780633961 Click Here
Sustainability--Economic aspects;  Sustainable development;  System theory Economic Growth and Sustainability Higgins, Karen L. 2014 Elsevier 9780128031087 Click Here
Economic development--Developing countries;  Globalization; International trade Emerging Markets and the Global Economy Arouri, Mohamed El Hedi.-Nguyen, Duc Khuong.-Boubaker, Sabri 2014 Elsevier 9780124115637 Click Here
Affective education;  Communication and technology;  Technological innovations--Psychological aspects Emotions, Technology, and Learning McCreery, Michael P.-Tettegah, Sharon Y. 2016 Elsevier 9780128007143 Click Here
Bitcoin; Electronic funds transfers;  Finance--Data processing; Financial instruments Handbook of Digital Currency Lee Kuo Chuen, David 2015 Elsevier 9780128023518 Click Here
Environmental economics Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance Gregoriou, Greg N.-Ramiah, Vikash 2016 Elsevier 9780128036464 Click Here
 Economics, Mathematical;  Game theory Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications  Zamir, Shmuel-Young, Peyton  2014  Elsevier  9780444537676 Click Here
International economic relations Handbook of International Economics Rogoff, Kenneth S.-Helpman, Elhanan.-Gopinath, Gita. 2014 Elsevier 9780444543158 Click Here
Cultural property--Protection;  Museums--Collection management Handbook of Research on Heritage Management and Preservation Ngulube, Patrick 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522531388 Click Here
Risk assessment--Mathematical models;  Risk--Mathematical models;  Uncertainty--Mathematical models Handbook of the Economics of Risk and Uncertainty Machina, Mark J.-Viscusi, W. Kip 2014 Elsevier 9780444536860 Click Here
Aging--Psychological aspects Handbook of the Psychology of Aging Schaie, K. Warner-Willis, Sherry L. 2016 Elsevier 9780124115231 Click Here
Equality--Brazil Inequality, Democracy and Growth in Brazil Mendes, Marcos 2015 Elsevier 9780128019658 Click Here
Scientific literature--Evaluation;  Scientific literature--Data processing Innovations in Measuring and Evaluating Scientific Information J. John Jeyasekar, P. Saravanan, 2018 Information Science Reference 9781522534587 Click Here
Business communication;  Intercultural communication Linguistic Pragmatics of Intercultural Professional and Business Communication Malyuga, Elena N.
Orlova, Svetlana N.
2018 Springer 9783319687445 Click Here
Information services--Marketing;  Libraries--Marketing Marketing the 21st Century Library Lucas-Alfieri, Debra 2015 Elsevier 9781780634548 Click Here
National characteristics;  Australian;  Multiculturalism--Australia;  Natural landscaping--Australia Native to the Nation Cerwonka, Allaine 2004 University of Minnesota Press 9780816695942 Click Here
Project management Project Management, Planning, and Control Lester, Albert 2014 Elsevier 9780080983219 Click Here
Technological innovations Smart Technologies Information Resources Management Association 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522525905 Click Here
Information technology--Management;  Management information systems Strategic Information Systems and Technologies in Modern Organizations Caroline Howard, Kathleen Hargiss 2017 Information Science Reference 9781522516811 Click Here
Deliberative democracy;  Climatic changes--Government policy;  Environmental policy--Citizen participation;  Environmental protection--Citizen participation;  Global environmental change--Government policy Strategies Towards the New Sustainability Paradigm Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren 2015 Springer International Publishing



Click Here
Educational technology--Moral and ethical aspects;  Internet in education--Moral and ethical aspects;  Teachers--Training of Teacher Education for Ethical Professional Practice in the 21st Century Dreon, Oliver
IGI Global
Polly, Drew
2017 Information Science Reference 9781522516699 Click Here
Information technology;  User interfaces (Computer systems)--Evaluation,   elecommunication--Social aspects;  Commercial correspondence;  Medical telematics Technology-Enhanced Human Interaction in Modern Society Cipolla-Ficarra, Francisco V. 2018 Information Science Reference 9781522534389 Click Here
Copyright infringement--Handbooks, manuals, etc.;  Copyright--Handbooks, manuals, etc. The Copyright Librarian Frederiksen, Linda 2016 Elsevier 9780081002117 Click Here
Computer crimes;  Internet;  World Wide Web The Dark Web Information Resources Management Association 2018 Information Science Reference 9781522531647 Click Here
Librarians;  Library science;  Public services (Libraries) The Invisible Librarian Lawton, Aoife 2016 Elsevier 9780081001745 Click Here