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DisciplineTitleAuthor 1Author 2EISBNPrint Pub DatePreview
Business & ManagementEncyclopedia of Management TheoryEric H. Kessler09781452276090March 28, 2013Click Here
Business & ManagementHandbook of Interview ResearchJaber F. GubriumJames A. Holstein9781412973588July 25, 2001Click Here
Business & ManagementThe Management of TourismLesley PenderRichard Sharpley9781446214961December 8, 2004Click Here
Business & ManagementAn Introduction to the Philosophy of ManagementPaul Griseri09781446270042March 30, 2013Click Here
Business & ManagementManagement for Social EnterpriseBob DohertyGeorge Foster9781446269404April 1, 2009Click Here
Business & ManagementOrganizational Citizenship BehaviorDennis W. OrganPhilip M. Podsakoff9781452231082June 15, 2005Click Here
Business & ManagementSAGE Brief Guide to Corporate Social ResponsibilitySAGE Publications09781452243986May 11, 2011Click Here
Business & ManagementAccounting for the EnvironmentRob GrayJan Bebbington9781446220849March 28, 2002Click Here
Business & ManagementAction Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public AdministrationE. Alana JamesTracesea Slater9781483387468October 11, 2011Click Here
Business & ManagementBasics of Structural Equation ModelingGeoffrey M. Maruyama09781483345109September 22, 1997Click Here
Business & ManagementConstructing Research QuestionsMats AlvessonJorgen Sandberg9781446270035February 1, 2013Click Here
Business & ManagementEncyclopedia of Business in Today's WorldCharles Wankel09781412964289June 12, 2009Click Here
Business & ManagementHands-On Social MarketingNedra Kline Weinreich09781452224879October 12, 2010Click Here
Business & ManagementInternational Encyclopedia of Organization StudiesStewart CleggJames R. Bailey9781412956246August 28, 2007Click Here
Business & ManagementPlanning a Successful ConferenceCynthia Winter09781483326979August 5, 1994Click Here
Business & ManagementResearching Hospitality and TourismBob Brotherton09781446280362April 1, 2008Click Here
Business & ManagementTourismAdrian Franklin09781446220108April 3, 2003Click Here
Counselling & PsychotherapyAn Introduction to CoachingJanice DexterGraham Dexter9781446251867November 15, 2010Click Here
Counselling & PsychotherapyFamily TherapyRoger Lowe09781446215531June 11, 2004Click Here
Counselling & PsychotherapySkills in Rational Emotive Behaviour Counselling & PsychotherapyWindy Dryden09781446212103July 23, 2009Click Here
Counselling & PsychotherapyCrisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive TreatmentAlbert R. Roberts09781452232096September 7, 1995Click Here
Counselling & PsychotherapyIntegrative and Eclectic Counselling and PsychotherapyStephen PalmerRay Woolfe9781446280409February 11, 2000Click Here
CriminologyThe Social History of Crime and Punishment in AmericaWilbur R. Miller09781452218427June 29, 2012Click Here
Criminology21st Century Criminology: A Reference HandbookJ. Mitchell Miller09781412971997August 6, 2009Click Here
EducationEncyclopedia of Diversity in EducationJames A. Banks09781452218533May 24, 2012Click Here
EducationTalent Management in EducationBrent DaviesBarbara J Davies9781446250907March 28, 2011Click Here
EducationDesigning Professional Development for Teachers of Science and MathematicsSusan Loucks-HorsleyKatherine E. Stiles9781452219103November 24, 2009Click Here
EducationEncyclopedia of Curriculum StudiesCraig Kridel09781412958806February 16, 2010Click Here
EducationHomelessness Comes to SchoolJoseph MurphyKerri Tobin9781452275314March 23, 2011Click Here
EducationJust Stop and Think!Fiona Wallace09781446214138October 17, 2007Click Here
EducationLearning to Listen to LearnHelen WhiteChristina Evans9781446212639September 14, 2005Click Here
EducationModels of TeachingJeanine M. Dell'OlioTony Donk9781452232324February 26, 2007Click Here
EducationPlace-Based Science Teaching and LearningCory A. BuxtonEugene F. Provenzo, Jr.9781452230535May 5, 2011Click Here
EducationTeam TeachingFrancis J. Buckley09781452220697October 11, 1999Click Here
EducationThe Coaching ToolkitShaun AllisonMichael Harbour9781446215944June 4, 2009Click Here
EducationThe Instructional Leadership ToolboxSandra Lee Gupton09781452219226November 18, 2009Click Here
EducationThe Intensive Interaction HandbookDave HewettMark Barber9781446250846November 9, 2011Click Here
EducationThe SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational TechnologyJ. Michael Spector09781483346397February 17, 2015Click Here
EducationThe Principal as Professional Learning Community LeaderOntario Principals' Council09781452218946December 17, 2008Click Here
EducationDeveloping Questions for Focus GroupsRichard A. Krueger09781483328126July 24, 1997Click Here
EducationEncyclopedia of Bilingual EducationJosue M. Gonzalez09781412963985June 5, 2008Click Here
EducationEducational Theories and Practices from the Majority WorldPierre R DasenAbdeljalil Akkari9788132112433November 11, 2008Click Here
EducationThe SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research MethodsLisa M. Given09781412963909August 21, 2008Click Here
Education10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the ClassroomBramwell OsulaRenae Ideboen9781446270288January 6, 2011Click Here
Education14-19 EducationJacky LumbyNick Foskett9781446211588May 20, 2005Click Here
Education21st Century Education: A Reference HandbookThomas L Good09781412964012October 2, 2008Click Here
EducationAcademic Instruction for Students With Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive ClassroomsJune E. Downing09781483350400March 9, 2010Click Here
EducationBrain-Compatible ClassroomsRobin J. Fogarty09781452218922April 15, 2009Click Here
EducationDeveloping the Gifted and Talented Young LearnerMargaret Sutherland09781446216101September 30, 2008Click Here
EducationDifferentiating for the Young ChildJoan Franklin SmutnyS.E. von Fremd9781483350592October 15, 2009Click Here
EducationEducation StudiesSteve BartlettDiana Burton9781446215043May 29, 2003Click Here
EducationEncyclopedia of Distributed LearningAnna DiStefanoKjell Erik Rudestam9781412950596November 6, 2003Click Here
EducationHandbook of the Arts in Qualitative ResearchJ. Gary KnowlesArdra L. Cole9781452226545November 14, 2007Click Here
EducationKey Concepts in EducationFred InglisLesley Aers9781446211922October 23, 2008Click Here
EducationLearner-Centered InstructionJeffrey H. D. Cornelius-WhiteAdam P. Harbaugh9781483349183January 13, 2009Click Here
EducationMathematical MisconceptionsAnne D CockburnGraham Littler9781446269121December 4, 2008Click Here
EducationPhonicsMaureen LewisSue Ellis9781446214428September 26, 2006Click Here
EducationPhysical EducationKen GreenKenneth Hardman9781446215876November 15, 2004Click Here
EducationSuccessful Teaching 14-19Warren KiddGerry Czerniawski9781446251713March 31, 2010Click Here
EducationThe SAGE Handbook of Educational LeadershipFenwick W. English09781412980036January 11, 2011Click Here
EducationThe SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and DevelopmentSteven J ArmstrongCynthia V Fukami9780857021038May 19, 2009Click Here
EducationUnderstanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational ResearchMarilyn Lichtman09781483349435April 13, 2010Click Here
EducationUnderstanding PedagogyPeter Mortimore09781446219454October 26, 1999Click Here
Education/CorwinTen Best Teaching PracticesDonna Walker Tileston09781483387277November 29, 2010Click Here
geographyEncyclopedia of Environment and SocietyPaul Robbins09781412953924August 27, 2007Click Here
geographyEncyclopedia of GeographyBarney Warf09781412939591September 1, 2010Click Here
GeographyGreen TechnologyDustin Mulvaney09781412975704June 28, 2011Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of DisabilityGary L Albrecht09781412950510October 7, 2005Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Sport and Exercise PsychologyRobert C. EklundGershon Tenenbaum9781483332222January 14, 2014Click Here
Health & Social CareAcute Illness ManagementChris Mulryan09781446288825March 28, 2011Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Global HealthYawei Zhang09781412963855January 9, 2008Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and HealthJames M. Rippe, MD09781412994149February 14, 2012Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Social ProblemsVincent N. Parrillo09781412963930May 22, 2008Click Here
Health & Social CareKey Concepts in NursingElizabeth Mason-WhiteheadAnnette McIntosh-Scott9781446216064April 14, 2008Click Here
Health & Social CareThe Nursing ProfessionNorma .L Chaska09781452232720October 18, 2000Click Here
Health & Social CareTo Your HealthThomas M. Wolf09781452232744August 18, 2000Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North AmericaJohn M. HerrickPaul H. Stuart9781412952521December 15, 2004Click Here
Health & Social CareEncyclopedia of Health Care ManagementMichael J. Stahl09781412950602October 21, 2003Click Here
Health & Social CareKey Concepts in Healthcare EducationAnnette McIntosh-ScottJanice Gidman9781446251744November 15, 2010Click Here
Health & Social CareSocial Policy and RiskIan Culpitt09781446218211June 22, 1999Click Here
Health & Social CareDeveloping Nonprofit and Human Service LeadersLarry D. WatsonRichard A. Hoefer9781483388007November 5, 2013Click Here
Media & CommunicationEncyclopedia of JournalismChristopher H. Sterling09781412972048September 25, 2009Click Here
Media & CommunicationCommunication of InnovationsArvind SinghalJames W Dearing9788132113775July 5, 2006Click Here
Media & CommunicationHealth CommunicationSnehendu B. KarRina Alcalay9781452220628October 18, 2000Click Here
Media & CommunicationOrganizational CommunicationMichael J. PapaTom D. Daniels9781483329239November 20, 2007Click Here
Media & CommunicationWorking on Health CommunicationNova Corcoran09781446251515December 29, 2010Click Here
Media & CommunicationCase Studies in Organizational CommunicationSteve May09781452240572January 20, 2012Click Here
Media & CommunicationUnderstanding Stuart HallHelen Davis09781446216217April 10, 2004Click Here
Media & Communication21st Century Communication: A Reference HandbookWilliam F. Eadie09781412964005May 15, 2009Click Here
Media & CommunicationDoing Discourse AnalysisLinda A. WoodRolf O. Kroger9781452233291May 11, 2000Click Here
Media & CommunicationEncyclopedia of New MediaSteve Jones09781412950657December 10, 2002Click Here
Media & CommunicationHealing Through CommunicationCarol Leppanen Montgomery09781483326429May 5, 1993Click Here
Media & CommunicationMethods of Critical Discourse AnalysisRuth WodakMichael Meyer9780857028020March 29, 2002Click Here
Media & CommunicationPublic Communication CampaignsRonald E. RiceCharles K. Atkin9781452233260November 17, 2000Click Here
Media & Communication StudiesThe SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural CompetenceJanet M. Bennett09781483346267June 16, 2015Click Here
Political ScienceThe SAGE Handbook of Human RightsAnja MihrMark Gibney9781473909335August 26, 2014Click Here
Politics & International RelationsEncyclopedia of Religion in AmericaCharles H. LippyPeter W. Williams9781608712427May 19, 2010Click Here
Politics & International RelationsEncyclopedia of U.S. Political HistoryAndrew RobertsonMichael A. Morrison9781608712380April 1, 2010Click Here
Politics & International RelationsHandbook of Public AdministrationB Guy PetersJon Pierre9780857020970June 15, 2007Click Here
Politics & International RelationsInternational Encyclopedia of Political ScienceBertrand BadieDirk Berg-Schlosser9781412994163September 7, 2011Click Here
Politics & International Relations21st Century Political Science: A Reference HandbookJohn T IshiyamaMarijke Breuning9781412979351October 22, 2010Click Here
Politics & International RelationsHandbook of Citizenship StudiesEngin F IsinBryan S Turner9781848608276January 29, 2003Click Here
Psychology21st Century Psychology: A Reference HandbookStephen F. DavisWilliam Buskist9781412956321December 17, 2007Click Here
PsychologyBehavior and Sequential AnalysesThomas L SharpeJohn Koperwas9781412983518January 15, 2003Click Here
PsychologyHandbook of Applied Developmental ScienceRichard M. LernerFrancine Jacobs9781452233642October 22, 2002Click Here
PsychologyHuman Development in Cultural ContextA Bame Nsamenang09781483326030May 26, 1992Click Here
PsychologyPsychology for the Third MillenniumRom HarreFathali M Moghaddam9781446288542April 4, 2012Click Here
PsychologyPsychology in OrganizationsS Alexander Haslam09781446278819May 24, 2004Click Here
PsychologyEncyclopedia of Applied Developmental ScienceCelia B FisherRichard M. Lerner9781412950565October 16, 2004Click Here
PsychologyEncyclopedia of Educational PsychologyNeil J. Salkind09781412963848January 17, 2008Click Here
PsychologyAlcohol Use Among AdolescentsMichael Windle09781452233734June 25, 1999Click Here
PsychologyCognitive Development TodayPeter A A Sutherland09781446280591May 28, 1992Click Here
PsychologyEncyclopedia of Human RelationshipsHarry T. ReisSusan Sprecher9781412958479March 25, 2009Click Here
PsychologyEncyclopedia of Social PsychologyRoy F. BaumeisterKathleen D. Vohs9781412956253August 29, 2007Click Here
PsychologyRethinking Methods in PsychologyJonathan A SmithRom Harre9781446221792September 7, 1995Click Here
SociologyEncyclopedia of AnthropologyH. James Birx09781412952453December 8, 2005Click Here
SociologyApplying for Research FundingJoanne B. RiesCarl G. Leukefeld9781452243450November 14, 1994Click Here
SociologyGlobalization and BelongingMike SavageGaynor Bagnall9781446216880December 8, 2004Click Here
SociologyLaughter and RidiculeMichael Billig09781446211779October 3, 2005Click Here
SociologyMaking Sense of ScienceSteven Yearley09781446222218December 8, 2004Click Here
SociologyKey Concepts in EthnographyKaren O'Reilly09781446268308November 26, 2008Click Here
SociologyExplorations in Social TheoryGeorge Ritzer09781446220160June 4, 2001Click Here
Sociology21st Century Anthropology: A Reference HandbookH. James Birx09781412979283June 10, 2010Click Here
SociologyA Passage to InfinityGeorge Gheverghese Joseph09788132108085December 8, 2009Click Here
SociologyAlchemies of ViolenceLawrence A Babb09788132112648August 30, 2004Click Here
SociologyBalancing Work and Caregiving for Children, Adults, and EldersMargaret B. NealNancy J. Chapman9781483326160February 1, 1993Click Here
SociologyCritical Theory and MethodologyRaymond A. MorrowDavid D. Brown9781452243696June 24, 1994Click Here
SociologyFeminism, Multiculturalism, and the MediaAngharad N. Valdivia09781483345383September 27, 1995Click Here
SociologySocial TheoryJohn Scott09781446220757December 15, 2005Click Here
SociologySociologists in Action on InequalitiesShelley K. WhiteJonathan M. White9781483368764May 27, 2014Click Here
SociologyThe Consuming BodyPasi Falk09781446250648September 9, 1994Click Here
SociologyThe SAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral SciencesLarry E. Sullivan09781412972024August 31, 2009Click Here
SociologyThinking DesignS Balaram09788132112112January 6, 2011Click Here
SociologyWhat's Behind the Research?Brent D. SlifeRichard N. Williams9781483327372August 3, 1995Click Here


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