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Nikkei Asia >>
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Prayuth's last run: 5 things to know about Thailand's May 14 vote
Thailand dissolves parliament, setting up May elections
TikTok teams with Thai election body in disinformation battle
U.S. readies targeted screening for investment in Chinese tech


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The Wall Street Journal >>
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Donald Trump Grand Jury Is Called Off for Wednesday
Fed Walks Tightrope Between Inflation and Bank Turmoil—but for How Long?
TikTok Stars Rally in Washington Against App’s Potential U.S. Ban


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The Economist
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Central banks face an excruciating trade-off
How the Iraq war became a threat to American democracy
How TikTok broke social media
North Koreans are at growing risk of starvation


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The Diplomat >>
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Thailand 2023 election
Thai PM Dissolves Parliament, Paving Way For May Election
Daughter of Former Thai PM Thaksin Says She Will Seek Premiership – The Diplomat